Will Makeup Come Off in the Shower? An Unbiased Investigation

will makeup come off in the shower

Hello, makeup enthusiasts! Are you wondering if your carefully applied cosmetics can withstand a refreshing shower? Fear not, because we’re diving into the intricate world of makeup and showers to uncover the truth behind the question: “Will makeup come off in the shower?” Join us as we explore the factors that influence makeup’s resilience under the water’s embrace.

From understanding the makeup types and their ingredients to analyzing the water temperature and pressure, we’ll delve into the science behind makeup removal in the shower. Along the way, we’ll uncover some surprising revelations and provide practical tips to help you maintain your flawless look even after a steamy shower.

The Role of Makeup Ingredients in Water Resistance

Water-Resistant vs. Waterproof Makeup

The composition of your makeup plays a significant role in its ability to withstand water. Water-resistant makeup, as the name suggests, is designed to resist water to a certain extent, while waterproof makeup claims to create an impenetrable barrier against water.

Oil-Based vs. Water-Based Makeup

Makeup can be formulated using either oil-based or water-based ingredients. Oil-based makeup tends to be more resistant to water, as oil and water repel each other. Water-based makeup, on the other hand, is more likely to be washed away by water.

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The Impact of Water Temperature and Pressure

Hot vs. Cold Water

The temperature of the water you shower with can affect how well your makeup stays on. Hot water opens up the pores on your face, making it easier for makeup to wash away. Cold water, on the other hand, helps to close the pores and keep makeup in place.

Water Pressure

The water pressure from your showerhead can also influence makeup removal. High water pressure can blast away makeup, while low water pressure may not be strong enough to remove all traces.

Types of Makeup and Their Resilience


Mascara is a crucial element of any makeup routine, but its ability to withstand water varies. Waterproof mascaras are formulated to prevent smudging and running, while non-waterproof mascaras are more likely to come off in the shower.


Eyeliner, like mascara, can be either waterproof or non-waterproof. Waterproof eyeliners are typically long-lasting and won’t budge in the shower, while non-waterproof eyeliners may require reapplication after bathing.

Lip Gloss and Lipstick

Lip gloss is generally not water-resistant, so it’s likely to come off in the shower. Lipstick, on the other hand, can be more resilient, especially if it’s a long-lasting or waterproof formula.

Tips for Preventing Makeup Removal in the Shower

Choose Waterproof Makeup

Using waterproof makeup products is the most effective way to prevent makeup from coming off in the shower. Look for formulations that claim to be water-resistant or waterproof.

Use a Primer

Applying a primer before your makeup can help to create a barrier between your skin and the water, preventing makeup from washing away.

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Set Your Makeup

Once you’ve applied your makeup, set it with a setting spray. This will help to keep your makeup in place and reduce smudging and fading.


So, will makeup come off in the shower? The answer is not a simple yes or no. The type of makeup you use, the ingredients in it, and the water temperature and pressure all play a role in how well your makeup will stay on. By following the tips we’ve provided, you can increase the chances of your makeup surviving a shower. Remember, experimenting with different makeup products and techniques can help you find the perfect combination for your unique skin and preferences.

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