Who Owns Alterna Haircare?

who owns alterna haircare

Curious about the mastermind behind Alterna Haircare, the esteemed brand renowned for its innovative hair care solutions? Read on to unveil the ownership history and delve into the company’s journey to becoming a leader in the beauty industry.

Alterna Haircare, a brand synonymous with hair health and vitality, has been captivating the beauty world since its inception. Its roots trace back to the year 2000, when it emerged as a pioneer in the use of natural and science-based ingredients to transform hair.

Alterna’s Humble Beginnings: A Story of Innovation

A Passion for Hair Care

Driven by a passion for healthy, beautiful hair, Alterna’s founders embarked on a mission to create hair care products that surpassed industry standards. They believed that hair care should be a holistic experience, encompassing both science and nature.

The Power of Nature and Science

Alterna’s approach revolutionized the hair care industry. They harnessed the power of natural ingredients, such as caviar extract and bamboo extract, and combined them with advanced scientific formulations. This unique blend of nature and science set Alterna apart from its competitors.

Alterna’s Acquisition by Henkel: A Strategic Partnership

Henkel’s Acquisition in 2011

In 2011, Alterna Haircare was acquired by Henkel, a global leader in consumer goods. This strategic move allowed Alterna to expand its reach and leverage Henkel’s extensive distribution network. Henkel recognized Alterna’s innovation and commitment to hair health, making it a valuable addition to its portfolio.

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Preserving Alterna’s Identity

Despite the acquisition, Alterna retained its distinct identity and continued to operate as an independent brand within Henkel. Henkel respected Alterna’s mission and values, allowing it to maintain its focus on natural, science-based hair care.

Alterna’s Global Expansion: A testament to Its Success

International Presence

Alterna’s reputation for excellence has propelled its expansion into numerous countries worldwide. It has established a strong presence in Europe, Asia, and the Middle East, catering to a diverse clientele seeking high-quality hair care.

Alterna’s Commitment to Continued Innovation

As Alterna’s global footprint grows, it remains committed to ongoing innovation. The brand invests heavily in research and development, ensuring that it stays at the forefront of hair care technology. Alterna’s dedication to innovation has earned it a loyal following of customers worldwide.

Alterna’s Distribution Channels: Meeting Customer Needs

Distribution Network

Alterna Haircare products are widely available through various distribution channels. Customers can purchase Alterna products at leading retailers, salons, and online platforms. This comprehensive distribution network ensures that Alterna’s products are accessible to consumers worldwide.

Professional Endorsement

Alterna has garnered widespread recognition and endorsement from professional hairstylists and salon owners. Its products are used in prestigious salons and spas, reflecting the brand’s commitment to providing salon-quality hair care to consumers.

Alterna’s Product Range: A Comprehensive Approach to Hair Care

Shampoos and Conditioners

Alterna offers a diverse range of shampoos and conditioners tailored to address specific hair needs. From volumizing shampoos to hydrating conditioners, Alterna has a solution for every hair type.

Styling Products

Alterna’s styling products empower consumers to create salon-worthy hairstyles at home. The brand offers a variety of styling products, including hairsprays, mousses, and gels, to help individuals achieve their desired looks.

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Masks and Treatments

Alterna’s masks and treatments provide intensive hair care. These products are designed to repair damaged hair, restore moisture, and enhance hair’s overall health and appearance.

Alterna’s Dedication to Sustainability

Alterna believes in protecting the environment. The brand has taken significant steps to reduce its environmental footprint by using sustainable packaging and sourcing ingredients responsibly. Alterna’s commitment to sustainability aligns with its mission of promoting hair health and well-being.

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