What Makeup Brands Support Palestine?

what makeup brands support palestine

Greetings, beauty enthusiasts! Are you seeking to align your makeup choices with your values and support a cause close to your heart? If so, you’re in the right place. This article will shed light on makeup brands that lend their support to Palestine. By choosing products from these brands, you not only elevate your beauty routine but also contribute to a meaningful cause.

The plight of Palestine has resonated with individuals worldwide, including the beauty industry. Many makeup brands have taken a stance, expressing solidarity and donating funds to support organizations working towards peace and justice in the region. By featuring such brands, we aim to empower you to make informed choices as consumers and collectively contribute to a brighter future for Palestine.

1. Fenty Beauty: A Global Powerhouse for Good

Empowering Palestine with Inclusivity

Fenty Beauty, founded by renowned artist Rihanna, stands as a beacon of inclusivity and social justice. The brand has consistently used its global platform to raise awareness about issues affecting marginalized communities, including Palestine. Through its Fenty Beauty Inclusivity Fund, the company has donated to organizations working towards providing education, healthcare, and more for the people of Palestine.

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Fenty Beauty Products That Inspire Change

* **Gloss Bomb Universal Lip Luminizer:** Its shimmery finish adds a touch of glamour to any lip color while supporting a worthy cause.
* **Pro Filt’r Soft Matte Longwear Foundation:** This foundation provides flawless coverage while you stand in solidarity with Palestine’s aspiration for freedom.

2. MAC Cosmetics: A History of Activism

Supporting Palestinian Artists through Art

MAC Cosmetics, known for its vibrant, professional-grade makeup, has a long-standing commitment to supporting the arts and LGBTQ+ rights. The brand’s art exhibitions and initiatives have often featured Palestinian artists, showcasing their talent and perspectives on the global stage. Moreover, MAC Cosmetics has donated to organizations providing support to Palestinian refugees and artists.

MAC Cosmetics Products for Empowerment

* **Ruby Woo Lipstick:** A bold, iconic red that empowers you to make a statement of solidarity.
* **Studio Fix Fluid SPF 15 Foundation:** This lightweight foundation offers a flawless canvas while supporting Palestinian aspirations for justice.

3. Huda Beauty: A Bridge between East and West

Bridging Cultures with Beauty and Advocacy

Huda Beauty, founded by Dubai-based makeup artist Huda Kattan, has emerged as a global force in the beauty industry. Huda, a Palestinian-American, has used her platform to amplify Palestinian voices and raise awareness about the situation in the region. Through her “Beauty for Good” initiative, she has donated to organizations supporting Palestinian women and children.

Huda Beauty Products for Meaningful Beauty

* **Emerald Obsessions Eyeshadow Palette:** This mesmerizing palette captures the vibrant colors of hope for Palestine.
* **Nude Obsessions Eye & Lip Palette:** A versatile palette that empowers you to express your support while enhancing your beauty.

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4. Kevyn Aucoin Beauty: An Ode to Artistry and Humanity

Honoring Palestinian Roots through Art

Kevyn Aucoin Beauty, named after the legendary makeup artist, embodies the transformative power of makeup. The brand has a deep appreciation for the artistry and culture of the Middle East, including Palestine. By partnering with Palestinian makeup artists and using its social media presence to highlight Palestinian voices, Kevyn Aucoin Beauty demonstrates its commitment to diversity and inclusivity.

Kevyn Aucoin Beauty Products for Creative Expression

* **The Neo-Blush:** A buildable blush that adds a touch of elegance while supporting Palestinian creativity.
* **The Volume Mascara:** A volumizing mascara that empowers you to elevate your beauty and stand in solidarity with Palestine.

5. Hourglass Cosmetics: A Reflection of Compassion

Embracing Palestinian Heritage through Makeup

Hourglass Cosmetics, renowned for its luxurious and innovative makeup, has shown its support for Palestine through its commitment to diversity and inclusivity. The brand has featured Palestinian models in its campaigns, amplifying their voices and celebrating their beauty. Additionally, Hourglass Cosmetics has donated to organizations providing humanitarian assistance to the people of Palestine.

Hourglass Cosmetics Products for Ethical Beauty

* **Ambient Lighting Palette in Diffused Light:** A versatile palette that provides a soft-focus glow while supporting Palestine’s aspirations for peace.
* **Hourglass Confession Lipstick in Icon:** A vibrant, bold lipstick that empowers you to make a statement of compassion.

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