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Experience the Excitement of Freestyle Bullfighting


Experience the Excitement of Freestyle Bullfighting

Are you looking for an adrenaline rush like never before? Do you crave excitement and danger? Look no further than freestyle bullfighting, an extreme sport that has gained popularity over the years.

What is freestyle bullfighting?

Freestyle bullfighting is a form of rodeo where a bullfighter, also known as a bullfighter protector, competes against a bull. Unlike traditional bullfighting where the bull is killed, the goal of freestyle bullfighting is for the bullfighter to avoid the bull’s horns and stay as close to the animal as possible without getting injured.

The History of Freestyle Bullfighting

The origins of freestyle bullfighting can be traced back to Mexico, where bullfighting is deeply ingrained in the culture. It was originally called recortes and involved contestants who would perform acrobatic moves to avoid the bull’s horns. In the 1950s, the sport evolved into what we know today as freestyle bullfighting and became a staple in American rodeos.

The Thrill of Freestyle Bullfighting

Freestyle bullfighting is not for the faint of heart. The adrenaline rush that comes from standing toe-to-toe with a bull is unmatched. Bullfighters use their agility and quick reflexes to avoid the bull’s horns, often diving or spinning out of the animal’s way, sometimes just inches from being gored.

Equipment Needed for Freestyle Bullfighting

To participate in freestyle bullfighting, bullfighters need specialized equipment, including a flak jacket, which is a vest designed to absorb the impact of the bull’s horns. The bullfighter also wears a neck brace, gloves, and protective gear. The bull itself is fitted with a special rope that can be used to pull it off the bullfighter if needed.

The Dangers of Freestyle Bullfighting

While freestyle bullfighting can be thrilling, it is also extremely dangerous. Bullfighters risk their lives every time they enter the arena. Injuries can range from broken bones to severe head trauma. Despite the risks, many bullfighters continue to compete, driven by their love for the sport and the thrill of the challenge.

The Future of Freestyle Bullfighting

As freestyle bullfighting continues to gain popularity, organizations like the Bullfighters Only (BFO) have emerged, dedicated solely to the promotion of freestyle bullfighting. The BFO hosts freestyle bullfighting competitions across the United States, drawing crowds of enthusiastic fans.

Is Freestyle Bullfighting Cruel to Animals?

Some people argue that freestyle bullfighting is cruel to animals. However, bullfighters and organizers of the sport maintain that the animal is not harmed during the competition. In fact, the bull is often used again in future competitions. The objective is for the bullfighter to outsmart the animal, not to harm it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Freestyle Bullfighting only for men?

No, women are also involved in freestyle bullfighting, and they have been gaining more prominence in recent years.

Do bullfighters receive training before competing?

Yes, bullfighters often undergo rigorous training before they are allowed to compete.

Can anyone participate in freestyle bullfighting?

No, only trained professionals are allowed to compete in freestyle bullfighting.

Why do bullfighters wear bright colors?

Bullfighters wear bright colors to attract the attention of the bull away from the cowboy who is riding it.

Is freestyle bullfighting the same as bull riding?

No, freestyle bullfighting is different from bull riding. While bull riders attempt to stay on the bull’s back for as long as possible, bullfighters compete against the bull itself.

How do the judges score freestyle bullfighting?

Judges score freestyle bullfighting based on several factors, including the bullfighter’s agility, their ability to avoid the bull’s horns, and the level of danger involved.

How popular is freestyle bullfighting?

Freestyle bullfighting has gained popularity in recent years, with competitions held across the United States and internationally.


Freestyle bullfighting is not for the faint of heart. The rush of adrenaline that comes with standing toe-to-toe with a bull is unmatched. While the sport is dangerous, the love and passion that bullfighters have for it cannot be denied. With the continued growth of freestyle bullfighting, it is sure to remain a staple in the world of extreme sports.



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