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Experience the Thrill of Dock Jumping: Tips and Tricks


Experience the Thrill of Dock Jumping: Tips and Tricks

Dock jumping, also known as dock diving, is a popular sport that focuses on the strength, agility, and swimming ability of your dog. It is a fun and exciting way to bond with your furry friend and enjoy some outdoor activity. In this article, we will take a closer look at what dock jumping is, the equipment you need, and the tips and tricks that can help you and your dog become successful in this sport.

What is Dock Jumping?

Dock jumping or dock diving is a dog water sport that involves jumping off a dock into a body of water. Dogs are judged based on various factors such as distance, height, and speed. The sport originated in the United States in the late 1990s and has since become a popular competitive sport that is enjoyed by enthusiasts all over the world.

Equipment Needed for Dock Jumping

  1. Dock – A sturdy dock that is at least 40 feet long and four feet above the waterline.

  2. Pool – A pool that is at least 20 feet wide and a minimum of four feet deep.

  3. Toys – Toys that float and motivate your dog to jump off the dock.

  4. Life Vest – A life vest to ensure the safety of your dog during the activity.

  5. Training Dummy – A training dummy that helps improve the dog’s jumping technique.

Tips and Tricks for Dock Jumping

  1. Start Short – When you and your dog are starting out, begin by jumping off the dock from a short distance, gradually increasing the distance as you and your dog become more comfortable.

  2. Use Positive Reinforcement – When training your dog, use positive reinforcement techniques such as treats, toys, and verbal praise.

  3. Timing – Timing is key when it comes to jumping off the dock. Try to release your dog’s toy a few seconds before they jump to encourage them to leap further.

  4. Focus on Form – Developing proper jumping form, such as a strong push-off, will help increase your dog’s distance and improve their overall performance.

  5. Take Breaks – Dock jumping can be tiring for your dog, so take frequent breaks to keep them motivated and fresh.

  6. Keep It Fun – Dock jumping is an enjoyable experience for both you and your dog, so remember to keep it fun and not too serious.

  7. Train Regularly – Consistent training is essential for success in dock jumping. Practicing your techniques often will help you and your dog improve your performance.


Dock jumping is a fun and exciting water sport that can help strengthen the bond between you and your furry friend. With the right equipment and training, you and your dog can enjoy the thrill of jumping off a dock while staying safe. Remember to keep it fun and focus on training regularly to improve your performance.


Q1. Can any dog participate in dock jumping?

Yes, any breed and size of dog can participate in dock jumping as long as they are physically healthy and able to swim.

Q2. Is dock jumping safe for dogs?

Dock jumping can be safe for dogs as long as they are trained properly and wear a life vest during the activity.

Q3. How fast do dogs typically run before jumping?

Dogs typically run at speeds of 15-20 mph before jumping.

Q4. How far can dogs jump off a dock?

The average distance for dogs to jump off a dock is 20-25 feet.

Q5. How can I train my dog to dock jump?

To train your dog to dock jump, start by teaching them the basics of swimming and using positive reinforcement techniques such as treats and toys.

Q6. Are there different types of dock jumping events?

Yes, there are different types of dock jumping events such as big air, extreme vertical, and speed retrieve.

Q7. Where can I find dock jumping events near me?

You can find dock jumping events near you by visiting the official website of DockDogs, a recognized organization for dock jumping competitions.


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