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GRE Success Stories: How Top Scorers Nailed the Test.

GRE Success Stories: How Top Scorers Nailed the Test

If you’re thinking of going for graduate or business school, the Graduate Record Examination (GRE) is one of the most vital tests you will ever take. It’s a standardized test that gauges your readiness for advanced degrees. However, cracking the GRE could be somewhat of an intimidating prospect. With the best strategies and determination, however, aspiring graduate students across the globe have secured soaring scores and achieved GRE success. Here are some stories that’ll ignite your motivation and provide some pearls of wisdom for your preparation.

Studying Hard Made the Difference for Amanda

Amanda, a business management student, initially scored a 300 in the GRE. She tried scoring her best again and falls down. However, after deciding to put in extra work and exercises, she was able to raise her score to 325. She spent most of her time planning, practicing math equations, and preparing her vocabulary.

Key Takeaway

Sticking to a well-structured study strategy, practicing mathematical equations regularly, and enhancing your vocabulary can contribute significantly to your GRE success.

Samuel’s Lesson in Time Management

Samuel, an international student, scored a meager 307 on his first attempt at the GRE. However, instead of giving up, he set out to work his way up to a 320 score before his next test. He spent his time strategizing on how to answer questions, improved his vocabulary with flashcards, worked on reading 10 pages per day, and strengthened his math equations skills. He also learned to take breaks to keep his stress levels under control and effectively manage his time.

Key Takeaway

Developing healthy time management and effective question-answering strategies can significantly impact your GRE success.

Steve’s Use of Real-Life Examples

Steve, a science major, scored 317 on his first attempt. However, he was determined to improve his vocabulary and thus chose to read non-fiction works on different scientific areas. After he had practiced several versions, he was able to recall more answers and improved his score to 332.

Key Takeaway

Using actual life examples that reflect your academic area of expertise can improve your GRE scores and propel you towards GRE success.

Tyler’s Lesson on Mentorship

Tyler, an aspiring graduate student, needed help improving his test scores, and thus reached out to several GRE experts through online forums. He was able to obtain valuable tips on how to approach math equations, structure his study strategy, and deal with test anxiety, among other important strategies. Tyler’s perseverance and willingness to reach out to experienced mentors allowed him to raise his score from 305 to a soaring 330.

Key Takeaway

Connecting with people who have already experienced GRE success and grabbing valuable tips and feedback can help you obtain a better understanding of the test structure, reduce test anxiety, and ultimately promote your GRE success.


The journey to GRE success is never a cakewalk. However, if you have the determination and work put in the necessary effort and strategies, you can scale through and achieve a soaring score that’d set you up for graduate or business school acceptance. Amanda, Samuel, Steve, and Tyler’s success stories prove just that.


What is the GRE?

GRE means Graduate Record Examination. It is an admissions examination for Higher education programs in English-speaking countries.

How significant is my GRE score in graduate school admission?

The importance of GRE scores in graduate school admission varies by program and school. Some schools require minimum GRE scores for admission, but most use GRE scores as one of several criteria for graduate school admission.

How long should I spend studying for the GRE?

Most students spend no less than 100 hours preparing for the GRE, so you should aim for no less than two hours of study per day.

How should I prepare for the GRE?

You can start by familiarizing yourself with the test format, setting study goals, and using test-taking strategies tailored to your strengths and weaknesses.

Is it essential to practice writing the GRE essay?

Yes. The essay component of the GRE is a critical portion of the exam, accounting for 1/3 of your score on the written portion.

Who should I reach out to for GRE help?

You can seek online help from GRE experts and tutors in online forums. You can also connect with other graduate-level students who have already experienced GRE success.

Are there any preparation materials I can use for the GRE?

Yes. There are several preparation materials available, such as study guides, test-taking strategy books, and practice tests, all of which can enhance your GRE success.




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