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The Art of Avoiding Danger: Inside Freestyle Bullfighting


The Art of Avoiding Danger: Inside Freestyle Bullfighting

Bullfighting has been a traditional pastime in many countries for centuries. It is a sport that requires courage, skill, and a deep understanding of the animal’s nature. However, there is a variant of bullfighting that takes the danger to a whole new level – freestyle bullfighting. In this article, we will explore what freestyle bullfighting is, the history of the sport, how it works, and why it is so exciting.

What is Freestyle Bullfighting?

Freestyle bullfighting, also known as bullfighting without a cape, is a form of bullfighting where the bullfighter is not protected by any equipment. Unlike traditional bullfighting where the goal is to kill the bull, the objective in freestyle bullfighting is to avoid the bull’s dangerous charges as skillfully and dynamically as possible. The bullfighter has only his agility, skill, and quick reflexes to rely on as he dodges the bull’s attempts to strike him.

The History of Freestyle Bullfighting

Freestyle bullfighting has its roots in the United States, where it was originally known as “bull dodging.” In the mid-twentieth century, cowboys from the southern states of the US would compete with each other to see who could avoid the attacks of a charging bull for the longest time and in the most impressive way. This eventually evolved into an organized sport with standardized rules and regulations.

How Does Freestyle Bullfighting Work?

Freestyle bullfighting competitions usually take place in a rodeo arena. The bullfighter enters the arena and tries to attract the attention of the bull. Once the bull charges, the bullfighter avoids the bull by jumping, twisting, and turning with his body. The bullfighter is awarded points for his ability to control the bull’s movements and make dynamic maneuvers that avoid the bull’s horns.

Why is Freestyle Bullfighting So Exciting?

Freestyle bullfighting is one of the most thrilling and dangerous sports in the world. It requires exceptional physical fitness, quick reflexes, and bravery. The excitement of freestyle bullfighting comes from the unpredictability of the animals. Bulls can weigh up to 2,000 pounds and can reach speeds of 30 mph, making them incredibly powerful. The slightest mistake by the bullfighter could result in serious injury or death. This element of danger makes the sport particularly fascinating to watch and exhilarating to participate in.

The Art of Avoiding Danger

Freestyle bullfighting is a true test of skill, intelligence, and courage. It is a sport that demands not only a deep understanding of the animal’s nature but also quick thinking, creativity, and improvisation. A successful freestyle bullfighter is someone who can anticipate the bull’s movements and respond quickly with acrobatic and agile moves. The bullfighter must use his entire body as a tool to avoid the bull’s horns, and this requires not only physical fitness but also mental alertness and control.


Freestyle bullfighting is an adrenaline-fueled sport that is both exciting and dangerous. It takes an enormous amount of courage and skill to avoid the bull’s charges, making it a thrilling spectacle for both participants and spectators alike. As with any dangerous sport, it is essential to ensure the safety of both the bullfighters and the animals.


What is the difference between freestyle bullfighting and traditional bullfighting?

In traditional bullfighting, the goal is to kill the bull, while in freestyle bullfighting, the objective is to avoid the bull’s charges skillfully.

Is freestyle bullfighting legal?

Yes, freestyle bullfighting is legal in some parts of the world, including the United States and Mexico.

How long does a freestyle bullfighting competition last?

A freestyle bullfighting competition can last up to two hours, with each bullfighter having a set amount of time to show off their skills.

How dangerous is freestyle bullfighting?

Freestyle bullfighting is extremely dangerous and requires a high level of physical fitness, quick reflexes, and bravery.

Is freestyle bullfighting a cruel sport?

Opponents argue that freestyle bullfighting is a cruel sport since the animal is subject to stress, injury, and death.

Do bullfighters have any protection when participating in freestyle bullfighting?

No, bullfighters in freestyle bullfighting are not protected by any equipment, making it a high-risk sport.

Can anyone participate in freestyle bullfighting?

No, only highly skilled and experienced bullfighters with years of training can participate in freestyle bullfighting.


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