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Why Rinkball is the Next Big Thing in Sports

Why Rinkball is the Next Big Thing in Sports

Sports have always been a major part of human entertainment and socialization worldwide. From basketball, soccer, baseball, and football, each sport has its unique characteristics that attract fans. However, in recent times, Rinkball has been on the rise, and it’s been touted as the next big thing in the world of sports. In this article, we will discuss what Rinkball is, its history, rules for playing the game, and why it’s becoming so popular.

What is Rinkball?

Rinkball is a team sport invented in Finland in 1960. The game is played on an ice rink with two teams consisting of six players per team. Each team tries to shoot and score a rubber ball in the opponent’s goal, which is located on opposite sides of the ice rink. Rinkball has similar elements to other team sports like basketball, soccer, and handball, making it unique and exciting to watch.

The History of Rinkball

Rinkball was invented in 1960 in Finland, where it is still very popular. It was created as an indoor variation of ice hockey, which could be played year-round. The first rinkball game was played in Helsinki, and it quickly gained popularity in other parts of Finland. Currently, the sport is played in several countries, including Russia, Estonia, Latvia, and Sweden.

The Rules of Rinkball

Playing rinkball is simple. Two teams with six players each score points by shooting a rubber ball into the opponent’s goal post. The team with the most points at the end of the game, usually 60 minutes, wins. Each play lasts no more than three seconds, and there are no offside rules, making the game fast-paced and exciting. Also, players can use only their hands to catch and throw the ball.

Why Rinkball is Becoming Very Popular

Rinkball is becoming popular worldwide, and many factors are contributing to its rise. One of the significant reasons is its simplicity. Unlike other sports that require expensive equipment, Rinkball requires less gear, making it more accessible to many people. Also, Rinkball is a new and exciting sport, providing a fresh and unique experience to fans.

Another factor that contributes to the sport’s popularity is that it is gender-neutral. Any gender can play rinkball, making it an inclusive sport that promotes gender equality.

Finally, the current climate, particularly the worldwide pandemic, has created a renewed interest in Rinkball. People are looking for new and unique ways to spend their free time, and Rinkball provides an alternative to mainstream sports.

Frequently Asked Questions on Rinkball

H2: Is rinkball similar to hockey?

Rinkball shares many similarities with ice hockey, but there are some significant differences. Rinkball uses a rubber ball instead of a puck, and players can’t use sticks to handle the ball.

H2: Is Rinkball difficult to play?

No, Rinkball is easy to learn and play. Its rules are straightforward, and it requires minimal gear.

H2: How long is a rinkball match?

A rinkball match usually lasts for 60 minutes, split into three twenty-minute periods.

H2: Can anyone play rinkball?

Yes. Rinkball is an inclusive game that anyone, regardless of gender, can play.

H2: Is rinkball popular worldwide?

Currently, Rinkball is played mainly in Finland, Russia, Estonia, Latvia, and Sweden, but it’s becoming more popular worldwide.

H2: What benefits does Rinkball offer?

Playing Rinkball offers several benefits, including enhancing agility, hand-eye coordination, and muscle strength. Also, it promotes teamwork and healthy competition.

H2: Where can I watch Rinkball?

You can watch Rinkball games online or join local leagues in countries where it’s played.


Rinkball is an exciting and new sport that’s gaining popularity worldwide. Its simplicity, inclusiveness, and unique characteristics make it an excellent choice for many people looking for an alternative to mainstream sports. Whether you’re a current sports fan or looking for new ways to spend your free time, Rinkball is a must-try. Join a local league, or watch online, and experience the thrill that only Rinkball can offer.



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